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Mario and Sonic 3: Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Where is Thomas and Baby Hedgehogs.
A few minutes later, at Sheffield Park...
Stepney: (Thomas pulls Stepney along the line then he whistles to stop) We're here. (Thomas looks at the track ahead of him, and there it is, the Bluebell Railway for his very eyes)
Thomas: Wow.
???: (a blue tank engine puffs up and sees Stepney at as Thomas had shunted the trucks to a siding) Stepney! There you are! We were worried you had broken down!
Stepney: All of you worried, Bluebell?
Bluebell: (chuckles) Okay, maybe not Baxter, Adam or Cromford, but I was worried about...
Stepney: That's right, only you were worried. (Bluebell blushes) Oi, Thomas! Come over here and meet my friend, Bluebell!
Thomas: (puffs towards Stepney and Bluebell) Hello, I'm Thomas.
Bluebell: (gasps as she looks at Thomas all around from face to wheels then to his number) Not THE Thomas the Tank Engine from Sodor?!
Thomas: Um... Yes?
Bluebell: (squeals excitedly while Thomas and Stepney look at each other in confusion)
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The Sodor Olympics by EuanM2 The Sodor Olympics :iconeuanm2:EuanM2 2 10
The Friendship Games and SLOTLT Part 3
Meanwhile, at Vicarstown Prep...
(the school bell rings)
Sci-Twi: (looks at the busy corridors as students walk about. She takes a deep breath then begins to walk to her room, however, as she walks by, students deliberately elbow and push her) Excuse me. Sorry. Pardon me. (looks down as she walks to the door. In Sci-Twi's room, a little puppy is sleeping quietly then his right ear lifts up a little as he hears footsteps coming near. The puppy pants and sticks its tongue out as it rushes to the door. The door opens then the puppy is forced back into a cardboard box as Sci-Twi enters and sits down on her computer chair) Spike? Spike?!
Spike: (jumps out of the cardboard box) Bark! Bark!
Sci-Twi: (giggles) There you are. (Spike barks as he jumps up onto Sci-Twi's lap and licks her) Okay, okay! Last night's field test confirmed it, Spike. With this device, I can track and contain the bizarre energy coming from Tidmouth High School. (Spike growls) I know you didn't like me going over there,
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Sodor's Origins: Part 12 FINAL
Part 12: Thomas' Branch Line.
Later, at Wellsworth Hospital...
Erin: (James is put in a bed where Erin looks at him worried) Will you be okay here, James?
James: (smiles a little weakly) Don't worry about me, Erin. I'll be back to work soon. (Erin smiles and kisses James on the cheek making him blush a little as she leaves the hospital with Eagle)
That night, at Tidmouth Hall, everyone was very happy to see Thomas indeed.
Edward: (as Thomas comes into the dining room after shunting his tank engine into the sheds with Colin and Adam, they all approach Thomas shaking hands and noogies him as well) Well done, Thomas! Today, you really were the Best Worker.
Even Gordon seemed impressed.
Henry: What you did was terrific!
Peter: Great work!
Colin: You must be the bravest worker we've ever had!
Adam: None of us would've done that without thinking.
The Fat Controller: (comes in with Eagle, Erin and Lily) Really Useful, that's what I'd say. (chuckles)
Erin: (embraces Thomas) Thank you for helpi
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The Friendship Games and SLOTLT Part 2
The next morning at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas found it hard to wake up. His fire kept going out and there wasn't enough steam.
Percy: (blows his whistle and exits his birth) Wake up, Lazybones!
James: (blows his whistle and exits his birth) Heh, too much racing after buses, I'd say.
Henry: (blows his whistle and exits his birth) Gordon will be waiting for his coaches.
Thomas: (yawns as he opens his eyes and sniggers) Let him wait. (closes his eyes again)
A few minutes later, at Knapford...
Gordon: (weeshes steam out crossly) Oh, the indignity! In full steam at the platform, and no coaches to pull. (a familiar whistle drifts the air in the background)
Clarabel: Thomas!
Annie: (Thomas enters the yard and makes his way to Annie and Clarabel) It's time for our first train!
Thomas: (switches onto the track beside Annie and Clarabel where the express coaches are waiting) Sorry, Annie and Clarabel! But I have to fetch Lazy Gordon's coaches first. (couples up to the express coaches)
Gordon: (hear
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Sonic 2: Part 7
Part 7: Oil Ocean Hunt.
Meanwhile, at Oil Ocean Zone...
Sally: (she and Bunnie stop at the edge of the path and look at the scene before them) Whoa! What's happened here?!
Bunnie: Ah think Robotnik did something to this place. Some pieces look as if they're missin'
Sally: I think Robotnik ripped this power station of most of its metal supplies and has used it to build something. But what's with the oil?
Bunnie: Ah have reason to believe the oil is here to power somethin'. Somethin' huge.
Sally: (gasps as she realises something) You're right, Bunnie. Dr. Robotnik could be using this place as a refuelling station to charge up something. But the question is, what?
Bunnie: Whatever it is, Ah'm sure that Snively character knows somethin'.
Sally: We'd better find him.
Oil Ocean Zone: Act 1.
(Sally and Bunnie run around Oil Ocean Zone keeping clear of the oily seas and destroying the badniks that get in their way)
Bunnie: Why can't the Doc leave these little critters alone?
Sally: What I'd li
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Sodor's Origins: Part 11
Part 11: Thomas and the Breakdown Train.
Every day, the Fat Controller came to the station to catch his train, and he always said to Thomas as he went by shunting...
The Fat Controller: Good morning, Thomas.
Thomas: Good morning, Sir! (continues to shunt)
Thomas worked hard in Wellsworth Yard. He knew he wasn't as clever as he had thought. Besides, the Fat Controller had been kind to him and he wanted to learn all about trucks to be a Really Useful Worker. (Thomas' tank engine shunts around the yard to arrange a train for Adam to take down the branch line)
Adam: (backs his engine up a few minutes later to the trucks) Thanks, Thomas!
Thomas: You're welcome, Adam! (Adam sets off. As he watches the train leave, he notices on a siding by themselves were some trucks behind a small coach, some flat trucks and two cranes) I wonder where those trucks are meant to be going. (moves his tank engine towards the siding then sees the operators of the cranes asleep nearby) Wake up, lazybones!
???: (w
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The Friendship Games and SLOTLT Part 1
(as a windmill turns, a little blue tank engine puffs along the railway line with two orange coaches)
It was a bright, sunny day on the Island of Sodor. Thomas the Tank Engine was working on his branch line with his faithful coaches, Annie and Clarabel.
Thomas: (calls to the coach at the back) Keep an eye out for Bertie, Clarabel. I don't want him taking me by surprise.
Clarabel: (looks annoyed) You should stop thinking about racing, Thomas.
Annie: (Thomas ignores the two coaches as he sees a flash of red on the bridge and speeds up) And keep your eyes on the... (feels a jerk at her coupling as Thomas speeds up) ROOOOOOAAAAAH!!!!!! (the two coaches scream as Thomas races along the line with Bertie chasing him)
Clarabel: Not so fast!
Thomas: (he and Bertie draw level) Maybe you should just give up now, Bertie! You know I'm going to win!
Bertie: You won't if you don't look where you're going! (laughs while Thomas gasps as he looks in front of him. Workmen were repairing a part of track o
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Sodor's Origins: Part 10
Part 10: Thomas and the Trucks.
Trucks are used as rolling stock for goods trains and the loads are taken care of by boys. Now boys in trucks are silly and noisy. They talk a lot and don't attend to what they are doing. They don't listen to their engine crew, and when they stop the train, their trucks go bump into each other and they scream,
Troublesome Boys: Oh! Oh! Oh! Whatever is happening?
And I'm sorry to say, they play tricks on engine crews who are not used to them.
"They don't care how big they are, to them it's just a game...
Those Troublesome Trucks will get them all the same"
The next morning, as they entered Vicarstown Yard, Thomas could hardly contain his excitement.
Thomas: (looking towards the trucks on the sidings) Is it these ones? Is it those? Which trucks are they, Edward?
Edward: (points towards the trucks with the brake van on the siding) Those trucks, Thomas. But wait, I need to tell you something. I haven't...
Thomas: I know, I know! I need to be coupled up befor
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MLP FIM: Episode 5 Sneak Peek by EuanM2 MLP FIM: Episode 5 Sneak Peek :iconeuanm2:EuanM2 2 1 The Friendship Games and SLOTLT Poster by EuanM2 The Friendship Games and SLOTLT Poster :iconeuanm2:EuanM2 1 1 Mario and Sonic at the 2018 Olympic Games Poster by EuanM2 Mario and Sonic at the 2018 Olympic Games Poster :iconeuanm2:EuanM2 2 0 For Lgee14 2 by EuanM2 For Lgee14 2 :iconeuanm2:EuanM2 2 2
The Small Railway Trilogy: Part 3
Thomas and Friends: The Small Railway Trilogy.
Based on the Railway Series by Reverend W. Awdry and the Television Series by Britt Allcroft.
Based on the Railway Series No. 22: Small Railway Engines.
Part 3: Useful Railway.
One day, Thomas was taking the Ffarquhar school children to Arlesburgh Junction to see the mini engines of the Miniature Railway.
Thomas: (enters Arlesburgh Junction where Bert was waiting with his passenger train and Mike was shunting ballast trucks onto the chute ready for Donald's trucks) Hello, Bert. Hello, Mike. (Bert and Mike whistle back, then Thomas notices Rex shunting trucks nearby) Oh, hello, Rex.
Rex: (blows his whistle) Hello, Thomas.
Thomas likes the Miniature engines, and so do the children. But they weren't taking the Miniature Railway very seriously.
School girls: Aw, they're so cute, and so tiny!
School boy: (as he takes his seat with a teacher) Oh! Look, Sir! Look at them!
Teacher: (chuckles) I know, it's just like a toy railway, isn't it?
Mike: (
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TUGS SALIA: Episode 1
The Tugboat, for its size is the most powerful craft to float.
And the Star Tugs were the power behind the docks and waterways that made up the Big City Port.
Now, they've been sold to work on two islands far away from the Big City Port, called Sodor.
This is TUGS.
TUGS: Sodor and Lego Island Adventures.
Based on the Television Series by Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton.
Episode 1: A brand new home.
Written by Euan Mort.
Long ago, Big City Port had a fleet of Tugs. They were led by Captain Star and went by the name of Star Tugs. Another was the Z Stacks led by Captain Zero. In the present day, Miss Hatt was looking for some tugs to work the seas of Sodor and Lego Island, and when she heard of Captain Star's and Zero's fleets, she went to visit them. While she wasn't pleased what she saw with the Z Stacks, she was pleased with the Star Fleet and so bought them for service on Sodor and Lego Island. There are eight star tugs. There are two Harbour Tugs, Big Mac and Warrior, Top Hat, a R
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The Clinchfield Curse Humanised: Part 5
Part 5: Thomas and Clinchfield 311!
Thomas, Lily, Rosie and Lady had been working hard well into the evening with Mavis at the quarry. As the sun was setting, the quarry manager asked Rosie and Lady to help Mavis deliver a train of stones to Suddery. Thomas and Lily couldn't leave and had to stay guard until they returned. As the train departed, Lily went off to the worker's hut to get a good night's rest before leaving while Thomas stood guard beside his tank engine.
Thomas: (looks out to the outside of the quarry and hears something) Hmm? (lights his tank engine's lamp up to see what was there but just sees a deer coming by) Oh, it was just a deer. (looks up to the sky) Hmm... Maybe I should go and join Lily at the... (feels some cold chills as a light shower comes down) Huh? That feeling... I wonder... (hears an unfamiliar whistle and sees a tank engine puffing by before into the darkness) Who... Who was that I just saw then? (thinks for a bit and gets an idea) If it's who I think i
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Chapter 6: Where is Thomas and Baby Hedgehogs.

A few minutes later, at Sheffield Park...

Stepney: (Thomas pulls Stepney along the line then he whistles to stop) We're here. (Thomas looks at the track ahead of him, and there it is, the Bluebell Railway for his very eyes)

Thomas: Wow.

???: (a blue tank engine puffs up and sees Stepney at as Thomas had shunted the trucks to a siding) Stepney! There you are! We were worried you had broken down!

Stepney: All of you worried, Bluebell?

Bluebell: (chuckles) Okay, maybe not Baxter, Adam or Cromford, but I was worried about...

Stepney: That's right, only you were worried. (Bluebell blushes) Oi, Thomas! Come over here and meet my friend, Bluebell!

Thomas: (puffs towards Stepney and Bluebell) Hello, I'm Thomas.

Bluebell: (gasps as she looks at Thomas all around from face to wheels then to his number) Not THE Thomas the Tank Engine from Sodor?!

Thomas: Um... Yes?

Bluebell: (squeals excitedly while Thomas and Stepney look at each other in confusion) It is an honour to meet you, Thomas! Stepney has told us about you and...

Stepney: Bluebell, calm down. (chuckles) Sorry about her, Thomas. She's just excited to see celebrities.

Thomas: (chuckles) I wouldn't call myself a celebrity, but I can see where she's coming from.

Euan: The Bluebell Railway, always wanted to come here. (jumps out of the cab) What should we see first?

Sophie: Let me think. The Sheds!

Euan: (looks at Sophie confused then remembers that it was night and Thomas and Stepney needed to go to the sheds) Ah, right. Sorry, got overexcited.

Thomas: (to Stepney and Bluebell) I don't think I introduced these two. This is Euan and the girl in my cab is Sophie.

Bluebell: Very nice to meet you, Sophie.

Sophie: Nice to meet you, Bluebell.

Euan: Heard all about you, Stepney. It's hard to believe that it's really you.

Stepney: Why? Never visited our railway before?

Euan: Never! I've been longing to though. (climbs back into the cab) Now then, let's get you two into the sheds. (pulls the lever and Thomas and Stepney follow Bluebell to the sheds)

Primrose: (a tank engine painted green identical to Bluebell sees the three tank engines pull in) Bluebell! Stepney!

Bluebell: Hello, Primrose.

Primrose: Hasn't it been such a lovely day?

Stepney: Well, it would be if I was restored. (sighs) Back to the museum with me, Thomas.

Thomas: What? You're a museum piece now?

Stepney: Yes...

Cromford: (the black tank engine next to them looks cross) You shouldn't be replaced with a replica! The railway should restore you!

Captain Baxter: (the red tank engine next to Cromford) Really? I rather like shunting him onto the train.

Adam: (crossly) YOU do, but we don't!

Stepney: (sighs) Why do I feel the museum's a lot quieter tonight? (Cromford, Adam and Captain Baxter start to argue)


Cromford, Adam and Captain Baxter: WHOA! (they all turn to a tender engine who looked cross)

Earl of Berkeley: Would you three stop arguing on whether Stepney should be restored or not?! The manager has made up his mind and that replica is already underway! So stop arguing over it, there's nothing we can do.

Thomas: I take it that those three are Cromford, Adam and Captain Baxter?

Stepney: Correct.

Captain Baxter: (turns sharply at Thomas) And who might you be?

Thomas: Um... Thomas? The North Western Railway's Number 1? The Number 1 tank engine? Former member of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway?

Primrose: (gasps) No way! You're THE Thomas the Tank Engine?!

Thomas: Um... Yes?

Primrose: (squeals in excitement) You must tell us all about EVERYTHING!!! (Thomas looks surprised)

Bluebell: Calm down, Rose. Sorry, Thomas. Primrose can be a bit overexcited sometimes.

Stepney: Just like a blue tank engine who often goes off to other railways.

Euan: (in the cab with Sophie) Looks like Thomas is settled. (calls to Thomas) We'll leave you here tonight, Thomas. We'll be in the workmen's hut if you need us. (he and Sophie walk to the workmen's hut to sleep for the night)

Cromford: I don't think we've introduced ourselves. Cromford's the name.

Adam: Adam the Adams Class Tank Engine. (chuckles)

Captain Baxter: Captain Baxter. Ex-member of the Dorking Greystone Lime Works, now member of the Bluebell Railway, and the Station Pilot of Sheffield Park. I shunt around here because the manager asks me to, end of story, goodbye, the end! Any questions? (Thomas stays silent)

Stepney: (chuckles) That's Captain Baxter all right.

Thomas: Um... (yawns) Well, I think we should get to sleep now.

Stepney: (yawns) You're right. This lot's got a big day tomorrow.

Bluebell: (yawns) One of us will put you back in the museum in the morning. (they all go to sleep)

Meanwhile, on the Eurostar...

Sally: (tries not to burst while on the train) Ugh! AH! Sonic, I can't...

Sonic: Just keep breathing.

Mario: We're nearly there now. (they all notice that the train had stopped) Huh?

Luigi: Why have we stopped?

Tails: (looks out the window and sees they were at their destination) We're here!

Antoine: (they all step out of the train) Paris...

Sonic: (dashes out carrying Sally) We gotta get Sal to the hospital, NOW!

Antoine: (sees a local on the platform, walks over and speaks in French) Pardon me, Sir. But where is the nearest hospital?

French Local: (in French) It is just behind the station. Just exit the station and take a right.

Antoine: (in French) Thank you. (walks back to the others and speaks in English) He said ze nearest hospital is just outside ze station.

Sonic: Then, we'd better get a move on! (makes a dash for it outside without thinking)


Sonic: (dashes into the hospital just as everyone catches up with him, then they all see they were in a place filled with hundreds of humans) Uh oh...

Mario: Everyone, disguises. (they all turn the spy watches and turn into humans themselves)

Sonic: Alright, Antoine, you're on.

Antoine: (walks over to the receptionist and speaks in French) Good evening, Madam. A friend of mine needs doctor's assistance.

Receptionist: (speaking in French) What kind of doctor's assistance?

Antoine: (whispers in French) Giving birth to a child.

Receptionist: Oh, I see. Better bring her in, then. (Antoine walks back to the group)

Antoine: Should be getting a doctor now.

Sonic: Where do we go?

Antoine: Follow me. (they all follow Antoine to a spare room to where they keep patients who are giving birth)

Meanwhile, on Sodor...

The Fat Controller: (walks over to the sheds to find Thomas, but doesn't see him. Then she addresses to the other engines) Has anybody seen Thomas?

Eagle: Haven't seen him since this morning, Ma'am.

The Fat Controller: Where did you see him?

Eagle: Well... (thinks back to when he saw Thomas) He and I were taking Peter to the Steamworks as you requested, however, we had nearly been in that flood of acorns. After that, I haven't seen Thomas.

The Fat Controller: I see... Well, if any of you see him, tell him I would like to see him at the Steamworks.

Steam Team: Yes, Sir.

Emily: (once the Fat Controller had left) Now that you mention it, Eagle, I don't seem to recall seeing Thomas tonight.

Donald: Wasn't he supposed to take the Post Train?

Eagle: Yeah, but he never showed up. Duck and I had to take the trains. Where could he be?

Meanwhile, at Paris Hospital...

Sally: (cries out in pain as the baby comes out) ARGH! AH!

Sonic: (looking a bit worried) Ugh, standing here waiting for it to happen is starting to make me uneasy.

Mario: Calm down, calm down. She'll be fine.

French Doctor: (comes out and addresses Sonic in disguise) Mr. Acorn, you will need to come in right away. Your babies are waiting.

Tails: Babies?

French Doctor: She's carrying four.

Sonic: Four?! (gulps) Hoo boy...

Sally: ARGH! AH! (Sonic takes her hand)

Sonic: Come on, Sal. You can do it. Just keep breathing.

Tails: I hope Sally's all right.

Knuckles: I wouldn't worry, Tails. The technology today is much better than the technology back in the past.

Luigi: (shudders) I think being brought to the world by stork is much better.

Mario: Sadly, this isn't the Mushroom Kingdom.

Sally: (they hear Sally give a final push) ARGH!!!!!! (they hear baby cries)

Mario: Can it be?

Luigi: Is it?

Tails: (the French Doctor comes out) Is Sally okay?!

French Doctor: She's all right. Mrs. Acorn lives.

Tails, Knuckles, Rotor, Antoine and Bunnie: Phew...

French Doctor: You may go in. (the friends go in to find Sonic and Sally holding their four children in their arms)

Knuckles: Whoa! You okay, Sonic?

Sonic: (holding two of the babies) Could be a bit better. Someone care to help, please? (Tails takes one of the babies)

Tails: Aw, he's got his father's looks.

Bunnie: (takes one of the babies Sally was holding) Four twins at once. That must be record, Sally-Girl.

Sally: (chuckles) Well, I'm glad you think so.

Mario: What are their names?

Sonic: Hmm... Good question. What should we call our first born, Sally?

Sally: Hmm... How about Amanda?

Sonic: (thinks about the name) Yeah, I think Amanda sounds cool.

Tails: (the baby hedgehog in Tails' arms looks at him and giggles) I think he likes me, Sonic.

Sonic: Heh, well, good. Maybe we should call him Miles. (Tails blushes)

Tails: I'd rather you didn't... How about Mickey?

Sally: Hmm... Mickey sounds lovely.

Sonic: (chuckles) Which leaves the last born twins. Hmm... How about Sonia and Manic?

Sally: Sonia and Manic? (thinks about the names) Yes. That sounds perfect for those two.

Sonic: Then it's settled. Amanda, Mickey, Sonia and Manic it is.

Mario: (to Sonic) We're going to need a bigger hotel.

Sonic: Wish the others were here. Euan would probably say...

Mario and Sonic 3: Chapter 6
As Thomas, Euan and Sophie spend the night at the Bluebell Railway, the other engines on Sodor wonder where Thomas has gone. Meanwhile, in France, Sally has given birth to not one, not two, but four babies! I think she and Sonic are going to feel extremely tired for the rest of the holiday.
I'd like to edit my page a bit, however, to do so, I need a CORE membership. Can anyone provide me with a CORE membership, please?
The Sodor Olympics
Thomas and Friends are back on another adventure. This time, the Olympic Games are coming to Sodor! Thomas and his friends are going to compete in the games along with their old international friends, including Scott! But as the games go on, there are many incidents and accidents which is leading to the games being suspended! Can Thomas and his friends solve the clues and save the games before it's too late?! Find out in Thomas and Friends: The Sodor Olympics!
Got this from Lgee14.

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (water, fire, air)
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what I'm watching/ listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavour/ smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
  • Listening to: Sonic: Back in Time
  • Reading: TAF NWRA
  • Watching: Sonic the Hedgehog videos
  • Playing: On the laptop
  • Eating: Apple
  • Drinking: Water


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